Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Soooo.....I'm late with my "Show us where you live post". What else is new?!? Besides, I'm new with this whole Mister Linky thing, I've only done it one time before! Who am I kidding, ALL of this is new to me! But I sure have enjoyed looking at everyone elses kitchens (so decided that I should join in)....what a fun idea!!

Well,my kitchen is not fancy at all but it'll do! I'm thankful for what I do have even though I DESPISE the white tile in here!!! This is looking from my dining room into my kitchen

This view is comming from the garage looking in (the container next to my knives that holds all my utensils in it...has hoot owls on it, SO CUTE!!! All my other hoot owls are in my living room, maybe you will get to see those next!!).

And now.......the sink, lol!!!

Now, the HUGE SOLID WOOD 500 pound BooS butcher block is my pride and joy. I LOVE it!! The movers when they realize that it goes with us: not so much!!

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The Stain Family said...

I was late with my post too...ha. Does that thing really weigh 500lbs?! Probably close, huh? I'm hoping no one adds a link...right now you're last and I'm too OCD to stop. If someone else posts a link, I will HAVE to go look. Ridiculous. Tomorrow's the living room...better go take some pics. Thanks for sharing your kitchen!