Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Catch up....

Geez...we have been SOOOO busy since my last post. I can't really remember with what, but trust me...it's been CRAZY around here!!
Tyler is now a 5th grader (well, he will be when school starts in Aug.) and my first born girl will be going to pre-school. I've tried and tried to talk her into staying home with me but she will NOT hear of it. I think I'm going to be emotional the first day of school.
The month of May also brought the 9 year anniversary of Daddy's wreck. I just can't believe that it's been 9 years since I've heard his voice or felt his hugs. People always say that it gets "easier" and "better" but it seems each year just gets harder and harder.
Putzie and Charley Pink are both doing basketball and baseball/tball this summer. Charley also has gymnastics and swim lessons....see, I told you it's been busy!!! In May I also FINALLY got a mini-van. YEAH!!! It's a 2006 Honda Odyssey and I can't even begin to tell you what a difference it's made with traveling and such. I don't know how we ever made it without one!
My Pa-Pa died in June and my mother was in a pretty serious motorcycle wreck. She fractured her pelvis in 4 places, broke her collarbone, fractured her ankle and had 3 stitches under her chin. Not a good month for my family!
The month of July has brought Thunder Youth Basketball camp and football (a first) for Putz. I can't wait for that to get started and see how he does!!! I'll post a couple of pics from the last few months. Of course there are funny stories that need to be told but I'm tired tonight so I'll save that for another time!!!

Charley did GREAT at soccer and always wanted a "scary" hair-do so she could "scare the boys away." Hope she keeps this in mind until she is 32. HA!

My gorgeous girls at my Pa-Pa's funeral!

Tyler after running the OKC Memorial Marathon...I was so proud of him!