Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not Me Monday (on Tuesday)!!

This is such an cool idea and it is NOT my very first "not me" post that is NOT a day late because I am NOT fairly new at all this and I most definitely do NOT stink at this whole blogging thing!!! So, here goes:

I did NOT have one two many Cape Cods to drink on Friday night which did NOT result in me having to squat somewhere to potty because I could NOT make it to the bathroom. I definitely would NOT have pottied in my pants if I had tried to make it into a bathroom. Really.....who would squat to pee??? NOT me!!!

I did NOT have a confrontation with a lady at Wal-Mart who tried to "cut" (it does NOT crack me up when grown people use the term "cut" like a bunch of kindergartners!!!) in front of a whole big line of like 10 people who were trying to return things. Someone had to stand up for those of us who were waiting nicely, but it was NOT me who did that......I would never!!!!

I did NOT go to a garage sale and find a 1st step slide for a $1.00 and miniature trampoline for $10.00 (not the round exercise ones, a square one with a handle for the kiddo's to hang on to) and bring them home and put them in the middle of my playroom floor!

After showering on Monday, I did NOT put jammies back on, I mean who would stay in their jammies all day??? NOT me!

I did NOT laugh at my husband when he backed into a neighbors car that was parked behind our driveway. I did NOT consider it karma for all the times that he has laughed at me for NOT backing into things!!

I did NOT let my kids COVER themselves in mud in the backyard resulting in this:

And I did NOT let Miss Charley have a chocolate pudding cup for breakfast!!!


Lisa said...

OMG! I loved your Not Me Monday! I can totally relate to the "I would NEVER drink too much and then have to pee so badly I might just wet myself" thing! Super cute family too!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

your whole list made me laugh! I loved it. Score on the garage sale finds!
and the bathroom thing? NEVER!

Crystal said...

ha ha I would NOT pee myself a little and then squat in the parking lot in Branson and relieve myself!!!!!

Good times!!