Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm in a funk and have been for several weeks now. I couldn't figure out why and today it hit me (and I can't believe that it didn't dawn on me before that this is what is wrong with me), but Sat. will be 8 years since my Daddy died. The "anniversary" has never really bothered me because I think of him and miss him EVERY SINGLE DAY. But for some reason, I think I am taking it especially hard this year. We are going to Weatherford this weekend for a baby shower that I am helping to throw for one of my best friends from high school. It is going to do my heart good to be around all of them on Saturday. They knew and loved Daddy and for some reason it is comforting to be around that. People always say that it gets easier and I don't buy that for a second. There is nothing "easy" about not having my Daddy here to see his grandchildren, to ask advice from, to laugh with, to get a hug from. There is nothing "easy" about seeing that your mom is a completely different person than she was before. There is nothing "easy" about thinking of him several times a day and missing him so much that you can't catch your breath sometimes. It has gotten "better" because I can get through the days without sobbing, but it is most definitely NOT easy. Daddy, I love you and miss you and think of you every day and I so wish that I could have a big ole "Charley Hug" right about now!!! I am so thankful that I haven't forgotten the sound of your voice, the joy of your belly laugh, the crinkles around your eyes when you smiled, your jet black hair or your yucky feet!! What I wouldn't give to rub lotion all over them now or to "help out an old Vietnam War Vet-ron" and pull off your stinky boots!! Hugs and kisses......smooch,smooch,smooch and grunt,grunt,grunt!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Late AGAIN!!!

Maybe someday I will do things on time.....hey, one can dream, right?!? This is my second week to participate in this: (I don't know how to do those fancy links yet!!) So here goes my living room!!

This is what you see when you walk in the front door....yes, those are SEVERAL vertical blinds missing that my kids have pulled down and broke, pathetic I know!!

This is my fireplace. I really need to finish putting pictures of our family in the big frame but it is SUCH a pain.....

If you look to the left this is what you see:

And if you look to the right:

The box next to my wet bar is my shadow box of my Daddy's things. May 23rd will be 8 years since he died in a car wreck on his way home from work. I had a smaller version of this and for Christmas one year, my Momma had this big one done for me. It has his favorite fishing hook, his toothpicks that were on his bedside table(he was NEVER without a toothpick and in fact a very dear friend of mine remembered to bring one to the viewing and he put it in Daddy's pocket saying, "Charley would be pissed off if he didn't have a toothpick" and indeed he would have!!!) his chapstick that he would smear from under his nose all the way to his chin, his favorite pocket knives, his wallet (with all of his stuff still in there, including a five dollar bill that his granny had given him for Christmas a few days before she passed away), a dollar bill that my son had given him,a picture of him on my wedding day (complete with a toothpick in his mouth!!) and the letter looking thing in the big frame is something my sister wrote and I read at his funeral. Needless to say, this shadow box is very special to me and is the 2nd thing I grab when we go to the cellar (after my kids of course!!).

Here is my entertainment center that I actually thought looked good until seeing these photos, ha!! It looks really cluttered to me now!!!

And here is my collection of hoot owls. Why hoot owls? My Daddy could hoot and sound like a real owl. It is something he always did when I was growing up. When he was up in the mountains with his nephews hunting, he would hoot until they found him. When he would come visit us after my son was born, instead of knocking on the door, he would go to a window and hoot. Tyler would drop what he was doing and run to the window!! If Tyler was getting into something he shouldn't be, Daddy would hoot and Tyler would go running to him! And he has used owls several times since he has died as signs to show us that he is still close by and watching over us! Needless to say, hoot owls are special to my family. Notice the bigger ones on top of the entertainment center. The flag was from his casket.

One last view from the hallway:
Oh and here is my plain jane entry way (I really want a sofa table to put under my "live, laugh, love" sign but haven't found one that I like at a price that I can afford!!

This was one long tour!!! I have lots of empty wall space and lots of things that I would like to do but it works for us now and I think I need to wait a bit longer before getting nice things. My kiddo's are HARD on our stuff!!! Hope you guys are enjoying these tours as much as me!!

Not Me Monday (on Tuesday)!!

This is such an cool idea and it is NOT my very first "not me" post that is NOT a day late because I am NOT fairly new at all this and I most definitely do NOT stink at this whole blogging thing!!! So, here goes:

I did NOT have one two many Cape Cods to drink on Friday night which did NOT result in me having to squat somewhere to potty because I could NOT make it to the bathroom. I definitely would NOT have pottied in my pants if I had tried to make it into a bathroom. Really.....who would squat to pee??? NOT me!!!

I did NOT have a confrontation with a lady at Wal-Mart who tried to "cut" (it does NOT crack me up when grown people use the term "cut" like a bunch of kindergartners!!!) in front of a whole big line of like 10 people who were trying to return things. Someone had to stand up for those of us who were waiting nicely, but it was NOT me who did that......I would never!!!!

I did NOT go to a garage sale and find a 1st step slide for a $1.00 and miniature trampoline for $10.00 (not the round exercise ones, a square one with a handle for the kiddo's to hang on to) and bring them home and put them in the middle of my playroom floor!

After showering on Monday, I did NOT put jammies back on, I mean who would stay in their jammies all day??? NOT me!

I did NOT laugh at my husband when he backed into a neighbors car that was parked behind our driveway. I did NOT consider it karma for all the times that he has laughed at me for NOT backing into things!!

I did NOT let my kids COVER themselves in mud in the backyard resulting in this:

And I did NOT let Miss Charley have a chocolate pudding cup for breakfast!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Soooo.....I'm late with my "Show us where you live post". What else is new?!? Besides, I'm new with this whole Mister Linky thing, I've only done it one time before! Who am I kidding, ALL of this is new to me! But I sure have enjoyed looking at everyone elses kitchens (so decided that I should join in)....what a fun idea!!

Well,my kitchen is not fancy at all but it'll do! I'm thankful for what I do have even though I DESPISE the white tile in here!!! This is looking from my dining room into my kitchen

This view is comming from the garage looking in (the container next to my knives that holds all my utensils in it...has hoot owls on it, SO CUTE!!! All my other hoot owls are in my living room, maybe you will get to see those next!!).

And now.......the sink, lol!!!

Now, the HUGE SOLID WOOD 500 pound BooS butcher block is my pride and joy. I LOVE it!! The movers when they realize that it goes with us: not so much!!