Sunday, August 23, 2009

Is it really the end of August, ALREADY?!?

So, I'm not as good at this blogging thing as I hoped to be! I was hoping to use this as a way to document the funny things that my kids do and say but I can never seem to find the time to get it done!!! This will be a bunch of rambling but this is what we have been up to since my last post:

I'm still in a funk and find myself missing Daddy more than ever. Why has this been such a hard year?!?

We moved into a different house. Been here just over a month and still have not unpacked everything or managed to get stuff hung on the walls. We have been really busy though and hardly home since we moved. Kirby has been having to work out of town (in Texas) A LOT. He has been gone one to two nights a week (sometimes more) every week for the past nine weeks. We have gone with him some so that has been nice. We went to Arbuckle Wilderness during one of these trips. It was just me and the kids in my car....what was I thinking?!? As we were driving into the gates, some ducks got in front of the car and WOULD NOT MOVE, this should have been my first hint that going in my car was not a great idea!!! Ruby was in her seat, rear facing of course and I let Charley out of her seat and up in the front seat with Tyler so she could feed the animals also. She was all good until the camels tried comming into the car with us. She FREAKED out. I swear she was trying to climb onto my head to get away from them. In the process of climbing up me she managed to turn the volume up on the radio, turn it to static, make my windsheild wipers go on high and hit the hazards button. All the while screaming, "ROLL UP THE NINDOWS, ROLL UP THE NINDOWS"!!! So, I am trying to turn all my controls off, get the windows up, tell her that she is ok while I am laughing so hard I am about to pee my pants!!! Tyler and I laughed until our belly's hurt!! Oh....and while all this was going on the camel made its way to Ruby's window and SHE starts screaming!! We ended the excursion with the "girappes" and Charley LOVED them. So all in all, I'd say Arbuckle Wilderness was a success!!! Also during one of these trips the two big kids got to go stay a couple of nights with Kirby's mom. I think they had a good time. Tyler got to meet a Superbowl winner and try on his Superbowl ring, they went to "the beach" at Granbury Lake and went to the Ommi Theater. While they were with Grammy, I was at the Youth Bullriders World Finals where my 11 year old cousin was riding in the junior steer division. He ended up placing 8th in the world!!! During the finals, he was carried out of the areana on a streatcher but thankfully he was fine. Tyler has started 4th grade and I think we got a good teacher!! He is also playing in his first ever competitive basketball league. I don't know who is more excited....him or us!!! Charley has started a combo gymnastics/ballet class and she thinks she is HOT stuff!! Well, that is about it in a nutshell. I'll close with a funny Charley story.

She was swinging between the couch and loveseat and I told her to stop that she might hurt her legs, or bottom or head, to which she responded "and you'll have to go to the doctor and get a new Charley?"