Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Charley is such a funny little girl....every day she makes us laugh. As crazy as she makes me and as much as she makes me want to pull my hair out, she is my heart!!! We had a tornado hit not far from us and with that there was hail damage to every roof in our neighborhood so everyone is getting new roofs. Well, yesterday they were working on our neighbors roof. It is very noisy and loud well, Charley was in the back yard playing with Zaley and yelling at the men to "be quiet", then to "BEEEEE QUUUUUUUIET!!" When that didn't work she muttered "assholes" under her breath and came inside. She said they were being too loud with that "knocking". I know I shouldn't think this is funny (and I know she learned it from us) but I do think it is funny and I can laugh about it away from her, right?!?

The other day we were all eating dinner and Charley got up from the table, Kirby told her to sit back down. She looked at him over her shoulder, batted those baby blues and said, "Princess is full." I LOVE that little attitude of hers!!!

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