Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Costumes!

Here are some of my favorite costumes from years past....well, the ones I have pictures of anyway! Thanks to Kelly for hosting this!!

This is from a "Halloween parade" that Tyler had at his school one year. They were asked to come as a character from a storybook so Kirby got to work and MADE this for him!! Good thing he can create all these ideas that I have floating around in my head!!

That year, Charley was a little Indian girl....those were my moccasins from when I was little!

And these are from last year. Tyler was a vampire, Charley was a spider princess and Ruby was barely 24 hours old!! Once again, my husband gets all the credit for Tyler's makeup. I think he did a GREAT job!!!

This years costumes will be posted at a later date....Halloween isn't until tomorrow and I'm busy celebrating my big 1 year old today!!! Can't wait to check everyone else's costumes out to get some great ideas for next year!!

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Katie Bug said...

I love the Little Engine costume!