Monday, February 2, 2009

Things for me not to forget

This is just a note to myself so that I don't forget some of the funny things my kiddo's have done recently.

1.) When I looked at Tyler and mouthed that Kirby was crazy, Tyler responded with, "Well, he does have a lot of his mom in him". Hahaha!!

2.) When Kirby told Charley that he was going to start calling her "sourkraut" and Charely responed with, "Nooooo........MeMe has sourcrack"!!! SOOOO freaking funny.

3.) On the way to the airport for my trip to Denver, after Tyler had been irritating Charley ALL MORNING, she hits him with her Dr.Suess book and says, "Hows dat feel, huh??" I love that child!!!

4.) Also on that trip to the airport, Charley had a little gas and Kirby says to her, "Charley, did you toot?" Her response? "No....I just farted."

5.) The other day Kirby did not give Charley her way and then told her to go out of our room. She was beyond appalled and as she walked into the living room she proclaimed to Tyler "uhhh, I'm gonna beat my Daddy's ass."

I know that there is more but that is all I can think of now and all the time I have anyway. Someday I will get around to remembering all my favorite Tyler stories and get them posted.

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